Indoor plants and vertical gardens enhance our environment

Vertical gardens make the people welcome.

At Sydney Olympic Park main offices, Green Look ( were contracted to install a vertical garden at the entry. The wall provides a perfect welcoming environment at the foyer. The vertical garden has a lush range of plants and is automatically watered. Green Look provided their custom LED lighting that provides plants with the correct light spectrum for best growth. See .

As you move further into the office, you will see that each worker has a number of plants to provide oxygen and improve the feel of the office. With the indoor plants, only 3 species were chosen for their hardiness in low light levels, Sanserveria, Aspidistrus, and Zamloculcas. Staff in the office have added nice features to the plantings like their favourite animals. For the indoor plants we used a 40mm layer of Knauf Urbanscape Green roll beneath each pot, this allows for water storage and a wicking bed to give plants a great start. Green Look will be looking after these plants for quite some time so we will see them grow. You can find plenty more of our green infrastructure projects at .


Call Robert Griffith at Green Look for more information or a quote on your vertical garden on 0468 787 071.