Safety and the Environment 

Sometimes you just want more

You want your artificial grass to be beautiful and to stay beautiful. You want it to be soft and low in maintenance. But sometimes you want more. Yes, sometimes you need more from your artificial grass. For instance, when you know kids will be using it intensively. At home, at a playground in the neighbourhood, or at school, a nursery or daycare.

Specifically for this purpose, we have developed multiple Royal Grass® products; extremely durable qualities that have no problems with kids running and frolicking around every single day of the year.


Beautiful, safe, and durable

With Deluxe and Ultra we have taken the durability of artificial grass to a whole new level. These products have been developed in the Netherlands for intensive use in particular. To relax, play, mess around, play football, hockey, etc. at home, at school or in public spaces.

In addition, both qualities are manufactured in a sustainable, environmental-friendly manner and are safe to play on, every day of the year.

Looking for a safe and sustainable solution?

Choose artificial grass. Choose Royal Grass®.


Since the beginning of this century, Royal Grass® has been focusing exclusively on artificial grass for landscaping. The brand has a reputation of being one of the most innovative brands in the world. Among other things, it has developed the V-shape and the revolutionary MiNT® technology. These innovations give the grass its unrivalled resilience, a natural glow and a unique softness.


Environment inspires

As market leader, Royal Grass® takes its responsibility seriously. Royal Grass® strives for zero waste and where possible, Royal Grass® re-uses and recycles materials. Royal Grass® contains no harmful toxins or heavy metals. But even better, you have the option to choose products that are 100% cradle-to-cradle thanks to newly developed production techniques.

Why choose Royal Grass®?

• Royal Grass® is soft and feels like real grass.

• Royal Grass® has a very natural appearance.

• Royal Grass® can be used everywhere and is low-                    maintenance.

• Royal Grass® is proven environmental safe.

• Royal Grass® comes with an 9 year UV stability and colour      fastness warranty.


Focus on quality and safety

The fibers from TenCate used for the production of Royal Grass® have been investigated according to the stringent German standard DIN 18035-7 in a testing scheme in which all applied polymer compositions and colors were represented. This means that no lead, cadmium, chromium total, copper, mercury, zinc or tin above the strict minimum limits, was found to leach into the groundwater.

Furthermore, a qualitative health risk analysis was conducted in 2005 by Dutch organisation TNO (organisation for Applied Scientific Research) to establish the possible dangers related to the use of Royal Grass®. The following exposure situations were covered:

• Inhalation of substances released at high outdoor temperatures (max 50 degrees C°).

• Inhalation of substances released in a fire.

• Eye contact with fibers.

• Drinking water containing leached materials from Royal Grass® fibers and backing.

• Contact between damaged skin and fibers.

• Swallowing / sucking on Royal Grass® fibers.

The conclusions based on the qualitative risk assessment of Royal Grass® products confirm that they are safe for use in all recommended applications.


Royal Grass first artificial grass brand to receive Singapore Green Label certification

Royal Grass has been accorded the Green Label by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC). This is the APAC region’s most established ecolabeling scheme, expressing sustainability as one of our products’ core attributes. Royal Grass is the first and only product brand with all models Green Label Certified. The 1992 established seal has proven to be advantageous for companies and customers alike and helps to prevent the abuse of green-washing.

“Obtaining this prestigious certificate is a milestone for Royal Grass”, Freek Verhoeven, director of Royal Grass, explains. “Artificial grass of Royal Grass will now be a more obvious choice for architects and landscape designers who want to work with the most sustainable materials. It shows that our efforts to produce artificial grass that minimizes the effect on the environment, while looking as natural as possible, has paid off. We are grateful for our Singaporean partner Tai Kwan Garden who helped us to achieve this.”

The Singapore Green Label reflects Royal Grass’ high environmental standards and drive towards more sustainable products. It is the result of a continuous investment in research & development. Royal Grass strives for zero waste and where possible, re-uses and recycles materials. Our grasses contain no harmful toxins or heavy metals.